DIY Troubleshooting vs. Qualified Professional

DIY Troubleshooting vs. Qualified Professional

If you live in the south, chances are you have had an issue with your HVAC unit going on the fritz in the dead of summer or in the north in the middle of a snow storm. As a homeowner, you may find yourself in a panic researching the web to see if you can fix the issue yourself, however this is not best practice. Here are 4 reasons why you should always hire a qualified professional to trouble shoot any of your HVAC problems.

  1. You will likely save time and money by calling and hiring a qualified professional. Taking a stab in the dark approach or finding a “do it yourself” fix can cost you valuable time (especially in 100-degree weather) and money. Hiring a qualified technician will save you time and money by ensuring that you are not making a mistake or misdiagnosing your problem. Hiring a professional to troubleshoot or maintain your system can also increase the efficiency of you unit saving you even more money on your lower monthly bills.
  2. Your HVAC unit needs specialized maintenance and care. If there is an issue with your system and you hire in unqualified or uneducated technician they can cause more harm than good. Qualified professionals have experience as well as educate and continue their training year-round to be sure they are knowledgeable and skilled to fix or maintain your unit to keep it functioning properly.
  3. If you trouble shoot your HVAC issues yourself you run the risk voiding any warranties that may have come with your unit either by the manufacturer or by the company that did your installation or HVAC maintenance.
  4. Safety first! When dealing with an HVAC system you come into contact with many parts and chemicals that if not handled properly could put you and your family at risk. Doing repairs on your own is not worth the money you would save to keep your family safe. Hire a qualified professional for peace of mind.

Save yourself the headache of lost time and money by hiring a qualified professional.


Things you CAN do!

  1. Replace the filter monthly, especially during the seasons your unit is running often such as the summer or winter.
  2. Replace the filter with a filter recommended by your HVAC professional.
  3. Keep the outdoor condenser clean by lightly rinsing it with a hose. The condenser should be free of dust, dirt, debris, grass clipping etc.
  4. Schedule your unit for routine HVAC maintenance to keep your unit working efficiently and under warranty.



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